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Marco Tebaldi's Brief Bio

Marco Tebaldi

Marco Tebaldi is a creative computer scientist, former business analyst, art director and events manager. A super connector with striking interpersonal and communication skills, a great eye for detail, and an extreme eagerness to travel and experience different cultures.

Marco's experience has ranged from working on robotics in Italy, to internet platforms in Scotland, to object detection technologies in California. He then joined the Technology Consulting workforce within Accenture's Security Practice based in Melbourne. All this has been done while living in five countries in the past few years, and embracing the diversity of experience that comes with it.
Marco has been able to engage in many projects, and has invested in his future to continue to do so in a career by earning a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Padova.

Marco awarded research grants at the University of California San Diego, and at the University of Aberdeen. He also awarded the UC-EAP fellowship in engineering, which enabled him to develop his masters' thesis and research in San Diego, at UCSD.
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Fun Fact

Marco visited 40 countries around the world and counting. He loves meeting local people and their food, experiencing different cultures, and cooking home made Italian meals in exchange of unique experiences.